Career Improvement

Suppose you could join a high-end integrated Professional Services business established more than half a century with a viable strategy for expansion over the next decade. With positions available now, and more to come in Financial Services, Support Services and as a vibrant point of difference, dedicated Agricultural Services.

You might also be attracted by:

  • A professional environment with increasingly sophisticated country lifestyle benefits and equivalent salaries
  • A rate of growth and regional market potential especially appealing to talented professionals trapped under a glass ceiling
  • A holistic approach and wide range of integrated specialties appealing to those who have been pigeonholed into fields they may never escape from. Or, who like the idea of rounding out their knowledge and sharpening their skills via close teamwork with complementary specialists
  • Attractive further education and mentoring programs for school leavers and graduates
  • Our early introduction of team members to the clients they’re working hard to help – a breath of fresh air to those who would otherwise be spending some of their best years nailed to a computer in a cubicle
  • Flexible working arrangements

A mix of specialists that works


We help our people become world-class

Perhaps of greatest interest to career-makers is the very different way we approach professional services. See The Way We Work for more – but whether in Finance, Ag or Support, the general thrust is working and learning within multi-disciplinary teams.

  1. Working in teams of specialists under the guidance of a Trusted Advisor responsible for understanding the entirety of a client’s world. You plan and execute hand in glove with various in-depth skill sets, complementing your own work and vastly broadening your knowledge. Teams are created and altered project by project, presenting you with ever-changing opportunities to contribute, learn and grow
  2. You’re rarely told what to do. Your team decides how best to achieve what’s needed
  3. You are invited to pick (or create) projects you wish to work on
  4. If a new discipline or function becomes of interest to you, you’re encouraged to pursue it.

The Application Process

You may be as bold as you wish. You could take the old-fashioned route and send us a CV. You might include (or entirely substitute) around 100 words expressing the reasons the role appeals and why you fit, or record a short supplementary video introducing yourself and your ideals.

It’s your call and you might choose now to click or tap on to your specific area of focus i.e. Finance, Agriculture or Support and see what’s featured. You won’t see all of the roles on offer so if you do not strike an immediate match, please still get in touch and tell us about yourself.

Your World

But beforehand, you might also be curious about how your world as a whole might look, professionally and in terms of lifestyle.

Life in the country is what you make it. The regional centres in which we have and intend to have presence are thriving communities offering the infrastructure you need for a rewarding daily existence. The people are genuine. There is a feeling of freedom and safety. And who will miss the daily city commute?


There's no traffic jams here


The sky's the limit for your career

You might also find yourself well ahead of your peers in terms of further education, hands-on experience, professional clout and personal wealth.



We provide a career, not a job

Agricultural Services

Dodgshun Medlin fields a large yet close-knit team of agricultural specialists that has changed our regional landscape vastly for the better – dustbowl to productive winter cropping during a core period of 10 years. Our advice is truly independent. We sell expertise and commitment, not products. Your interest is solely in improving the farmer’s enterprise, surrounded by people who are expert in particular niches, improving the effectiveness of your own advice and broadening your knowledge.

Then, by working with the Financial Services team, you enable your clients to manage risk, build and protect their wealth and secure their heritage, with confidence. Your clients sleep easier – and so will you. Whether you’re a fresh graduate or an old hand looking for new inspiration, it would be difficult to find a more engaging opportunity:


Sharing agricultural knowhow

Featured Positions


We seek an experienced Agronomist to work directly with a diverse range of broadacre farming clients who have sophisticated needs. You will be part of a team of agricultural specialists that has changed our regional landscape vastly for the better - taking it from dustbowl to productive winter cropping region over a core period of 10 years. Our advice is truly independent. We sell expertise and commitment, not products. Your interest… Learn More

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Financial Services

For the past decade we have been growing our range of specialties into a complete suite and as our offering grew, it became apparent that the more elements of clients' worlds we addressed, the stronger the personal connection, the more effective our work and vastly better the outcomes.

More than that, we changed our operational structure so that on any particular piece of business, a senior Trusted Advisor guides whichever specialists happen to be relevant to work as teams. This means that everyone has the big picture, and can harness the technical depth of other specialists to enhance their own work. It also means variety and gaining a far greater grounding in all the disciplines – which is a natural career path to becoming a senior Trusted Advisor responsible for intimate understanding of client worlds, and multi-team leadership.


Making the experience special

Featured Positions

Financial Planner

We seek an experienced Financial Planner for a senior client-facing position. In this role, you will be part of a team that has strong and enduring relationships with a wide range of clients, most of them based in regional Victoria. You will tailor bespoke strategies that reflect an intimate understanding of the needs of each and every one of our clients. You will work closely with paraplanners to ensure comprehensive high-quality… Learn More

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Senior SMSF Accountant / SMSF Manager

We seek an experienced Senior SMSF Accountant / SMSF Manager to ensure we deliver compliant, consistent services of the highest standard to a diverse range of clients with sophisticated needs. In this role, you will manage our team's annual reporting, audit and compliance process, within a framework of continuous improvement. In return, we offer an attractive salary and a clear career path, with access to professional development… Learn More

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Senior Tax Accountant

We seek an experienced Senior Tax Accountant to ensure we deliver compliant, consistent services of the highest standard to a diverse range of clients across urban and regional areas of Australia. You will be part of a dynamic cross-functional team of specialists based in Melbourne. Together you will travel to regional locations and develop strong relationships with existing and new clients and collaborate on plans to achieve… Learn More

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Support Services

Support Services operates as an independent, respected business unit – offering opportunity to advance in any number of directions. You might derive satisfaction from caring for the team or making every client experience special – and then become interested in IT, marketing or project management. The career development structures are in place to make a range of options possible.

Featured Positions