Thinking in Worlds

There is a dysfunction in professional services. It’s that providers of the various services you need are not inclined to share data or even to talk to each other – let alone work to a mutually-developed agreed plan. This means that while advice in one particular area might be sound, it’s provided without understanding of how it fits into – or might even jeopardise – the end goal.

Common outcomes are duplication, miscommunication, professional jealousies and conflicting advice, with records scattered in a variety of different repositories, making your data difficult and time consuming to correlate. Your advisors are thinking in fragments, not worlds. But there is a solution:

Imagine having all your affairs in one place, coordinated by a Trusted Advisor who knows you and your enterprise intimately – tapping into the expertise of a whole range of specialists who work together as one team to optimise the whole, efficiently and cost-effectively. One hand knowing exactly what the others are doing, and why.

It’s common sense, but until now, effective "integration" has not only been unavailable; it has been unachievable.


The way we work


Integration sets us apart

Seamless integration is so effective that if it were easy to execute, everyone would be doing it. But the smaller operators would need to expand and the big global brands would have to entirely restructure. So it’s not. To our knowledge, we’re the only provider to have developed a system that makes it possible, and have made it happen, thus:

Our integrated approach involves one constant and that’s your go-to point – a senior Trusted Advisor in whatever discipline is the natural lead for your enterprise or personal goals. This advisor is charged with coming to fully know and understand the detail of your farm or business and as importantly, who you are: your challenges, hopes, and dreams.

A number of priorities and projects will emerge and your advisor assembles a team of specialists who have great depth in the necessary areas. These people work together with a shared sense of purpose, each contributing to a collective understanding of the bigger picture, and agreeing on how each can best contribute. What’s interesting is that the team itself is not a constant. As specific projects are completed and new challenges come into play it might shed certain people and bring new specialities in. The effectiveness of this dynamic and the enthusiasm it generates are remarkable.


Our integrated services deliver better results

So may we encourage you to take a bold but sensible step into the future? Allowing us to integrate
 your professional services enables us to work smarter – giving you greater certainty and better outcomes. It will simplify your world, clarify your path, keep you focused and alert and most importantly, soundly prove the notion that the sum may be greater than the parts.

The 'Futures' Pivot

And speaking of the future, you’ve heard the saying, "If you don’t know where you’re going, you're never going to get there."

Dodgshun Medlin’s Futures program is designed to help families see clearly where they wish to be in five years time and further and working backward, establish what needs to be done this year, this quarter, this month and next week to turn an ambitious Vision into reality.

In the process, families also get a strong sense of their heritage and better understanding of each other – opening lines of communication and creating shared purpose. Potential hurdles are addressed. A sequence decided. They walk out with an ambitious yet viable five-year plan to which all are accountable at ongoing quarterly reviews. And in the hands of an expert moderator and senior advisors, this entire process takes less than a day.


Futures puts dreams into a plan

Almost without exception, Futures drives bigger, better dreams, and the realisation that with planning and accountability, what seemed impossible is anything but.